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Editorial Reviews

Verdict:   Must read ★★★★★
"A near irreverent voice and solid psychological research combine to provide insight on how to beat the worst of all critics: yourself...Near flawless, the tone of the book is both incredibly conversational and encouraging.
If you have your own inner critic, I cannot recommend enough The Voice in my Head Is an Asshole. Take it from me, this one will actually help."
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"A matter-of-fact masterclass on mastering your own mind. Blake takes readers through easy-to-understand examples that explain where our fears, doubts, and habits originate, and how they are perpetuated throughout our lives, penning a slow-burn revelation of personal psychology and self-improvement that every internal conversationalist would benefit from reading. This is a clever, accessible, and, most importantly, helpful resource for lasting self-improvement." SPR

The Voice in my Head is an Asshole

Do you have an inner critic? One that misguides, bullies and torments? Giving voice to bad habits and disabling beliefs, fears, or regrets?

If so, you’ve met the inner asshole, and this book is for you. Especially if:

  • Dealing with your inner critic resembles an insane, never-ending game of whack-a-mole. A stream of consciousness that just won’t stop.

  • You get stuck in “replay”—lost in old arguments, insults still felt and regrets that continue to hurt. Or tormented by anxiety over what might happen in the future.

  • You are your own worst critic.

  • Your inner voices talk you into poor choices.

  • Racing thoughts interrupt your sleep.

Don’t be bullied by your inner asshole. Using the latest evidence-based research as a guide, change the patterns, mute the voices, and overcome the pull of unwanted habits. Start living your life, not acting out your story.
Learn the secrets of world-class asshole-whisperers, today!


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The Voice in my Head is an Asshole - how to tame your inner critic is available in paperback, eBook or audiobook format from Amazon. 

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Hi, this is Darryl. I never want price to be a barrier to people having access to the information in my books. So I'm making the first 100 downloads each day of the eBook, The Voice in my Head is an Asshole, completely FREE. Just click below for your copy. If you miss out, and don't want to wait another day, I'm also keeping the eBook price at less than the price of a good cup of coffee - just head over to to purchase.

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