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Meet Darryl.


For over 20 years, Darryl Blake, M.Psych., has researched the success strategies of businesses and individuals, delivering their 'keys to success' in conferences across Australia, the US, Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Hungary. During this time he has made learning the psychology of change, happiness, and success both accessible and fun for over 25,000 seminar participants.

Darryl combines experience in strategic business roles with extensive experience and qualifications in various fields of human behaviour and learning - his studies/qualifications include a Masters Degree in Psychology; NLP; Hypnosis; MBTI; HBDI; and several Breathwork practices.

His seminars and retreats focus on changing unconscious patterns and self-defeating habits, using a range of tools including psychedelics (in legal settings only); transformational states induced via intense breathwork practices; hypnosis; and all round fun and interactive seminar practices.

He currently bases himself in sunny Australia, while providing retreats in 3 key locations to service each major region of the world - Bali/Thailand for those in living in AsiaPacific; Jamaica for those in the Americas; and Amsterdam for his European clients (if you've noticed a pattern here, 2 of these locations are amongst the few that provide a legal setting for the use of psychedelic assisted transformational processes).

Darryl's hope for his new book, The Voice in my Head is an Asshole, is to make the latest evidence-based research for dealing with an inner critic and limiting beliefs, both accessible and easy to understand. To help anyone beat the voices in their head - to become a champion asshole-whisperer!

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