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Choose your inner dialog. Own your story. Change your life.

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Hi, this is Darryl. I never want price to be a barrier to people having access to the information in my books. So I'm making the first 100 downloads each day of the eBook, The Voice in my Head is an Asshole, completely FREE. Just click below for your copy. If you miss out, and don't want to wait another day, I'm also keeping the eBook at less than the price of a good cup of coffee - just click on 'Buy the book' in the menu above, or  head to your favorite online book retailer!

Verdict:   Must read ★★★★★


"A near irreverent voice and solid psychological research combine to provide insight on how to beat the worst of all critics: yourself...

Near flawless, the tone of the book is both incredibly conversational and encouraging.

If you have your own inner critic, I cannot recommend enough The Voice in my Head Is an Asshole.

Take it from me, this one will actually help."

Reedsy Discovery

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